About Prince

He Died-God’s mercy Him on -Saturday, 2/7/1433, 16/6/2012

His Royal Highness Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, the Interior Minister, Honorary President of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior, and thanks to the outstanding efforts of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers knew that the most successful Arabic ministerial councils, and approve the draft strategy is Arabic for combating illicit use of drugs and psychotropic substances and Arabic security strategy was adopted at the second session of the Arab Interior Ministers Council held in Baghdad in the spring I 1404 e as well as the adoption of an Arab Plan preventive security at the third session of the Board held in Tunisia from 9 February 1405, as was done in the fourth session of the Council approving the security plan Arabic, and his efforts continue in the regular meetings of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior, and at the tenth session, held in the month of Rajab 1413 Council adopted several important decisions, including the adoption of the report on the implementation progress of the strategic plan for the fight against drugs and Arabic numbers second phased plan For the next five years For presentation to the Council in the next session and continue efforts.

At the eleventh session stressed the importance of achieving a better standard of Arab cooperation in the field of security contributing to creating an atmosphere helps Governments and peoples to achieve their ambitions in Arabic that became inevitable condition in the world of conflicts and cartels and this enabled him to meet all Arab leaders during this period and establish special relations with them

His work on the completion of Arabic Convention against terrorism signed by the Ministers of the Interior and justice Efforts to make the Interior Ministers closer to the citizen and feel the problems and work to resolve them

He continued to develop and raise the performance of the security forces through training and continuing education

His Highness and continues to work tirelessly to eradicate crime and protect society from threats to security and integrity of the Kingdom role model worldwide through the application of Sharia He made a great effort and in the fight against smugglers and drug traffickers

Always keen to confirm the objectivity in the treatment of information and encourages the exchange of views and proposals and from rhetoric and emotion within the framework of Islamic values and the original Arabic traditions Works to improve the performance of the services provided to the pilgrims, and his efforts were praised by the Arabic and Islamic States and friendly and the pilgrims.

The falconry hobby and favorite sport of Prince

Riding and retains his number of authentic Arabic horse

Readers, especially in the areas of politics, history, Arabic literature

He got a number of medals and decorations and honors were highlighted:-

He holds a first class King Abdul Aziz sash, the highest medal in Saudi Arabia

Honorary doctorate in law from the University of Chen Sheng in China National 17/8/1399 Ah

Honorary doctorate in law from South Korea

Honorary doctorate from Umm Al-Qura University in Islamic politics

Scarf from a cloud of Republic of China in 1397 h, 1977

Légion d’honneur of the Republic of France in 1397

Planet Medal of the Hashemite Kingdom in 1397 h

Medal of the Republic of Venezuela editor in 1397 h

The national security Medal from the Republic of South Korea in 1400 e

Cedar of Lebanon

Chairman of the Supreme Council of information

President of the high authority for industrial security

Chairman of the higher Hajj Committee

Chairman of the Supreme Council for civil defense

Chairman of the Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences, Arabic

Honorary President of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior

Chairman of the manpower Council

Chairman of the human development fund

Chaired the Committee that developed the basic system of Government and Parliament and system areas

Vice Chairman of the National Commission for the protection of the environment and development

Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs

And not to the Emirate of Riyadh region under Royal Order No. 1264 and the date June 17, 1371 e

Emir of Riyadh by Royal Decree dated 3/4/1372 h till 25/8/1374 a.h.

Royal Order No. a/45 and 29/3/1390 Ah 3/6/1970 concerning appointed Vice Minister of the Interior

Royal Order No. a/165 date of September 17, 1394, appointed Vice Minister of Interior Minister as of 16 September 1394

Royal Order No. a/45-17/3/1395 set his State Minister for Interior Affairs


Royal Order No. a/236, 8/10/1395 to his appointment as Minister of the Interior from its history the Royal Decree No. a/422 and 29/11/1431 assigned me to the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister.

Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz was born inTaif in 1353 h 1934 and educated at Princes school then studied by leading scientists and elders continued to brief him on the political and diplomatic affairs and security.