The International Prize for the Prophet’s Sunnah and Contemporary Islamic Studies

First: The name of the award

Award, Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of

Sunnah and Islamic contemporary studies


Second: the awards sponsor

His Royal Highness Prince Naif Ben Abdulaziz Al Saud


Third: Award objectives

1) Promote scientific research in the area of Sunnah and Sciences and contemporary Islamic studies

2) to raise the spirit of competition between researchers around the world.

3) To contribute to the study of contemporary reality of the Muslim world and to propose appropriate solutions to the problems with what returning to benefit the Muslims present and future.

4) Enrich the Islamic arena are scientific research.

5) Highlight the virtues of Islam and valid for all times and places.

6) To contribute to the progress of mankind.


Forth: Award categories

First category: Sunna.

Section II: contemporary Islamic studies.

The Scientific Committee for determining disciplines that fall under each of these sections, as well as topics that are asked to compete in every branch and every session of the award.


Fifth: The award subjects

In each session of the prize and each branch on its subjects in the different disciplines, there is one winner in each issue, a total of four winners and if merit award in the topic at hand blocked at that session.


Sixth: The amount of the award

For each of the winners a prize subjects the following a.

1) certificate of entitlement.

2) shield award logo.

3) cash amount (500,000) to five hundred thousand riyals.


Seventh: Award organization

Governing the award once every year and the prize subjects in its advance through the means of communication at the level of the award.


Eighth: search conditions and nomination


1) To search one of the subjects identified in the Declaration of the prize.
2) That the provocative act with authenticity and accuracy of documentation and safety curriculum.
3) Arabic language is incorrect.
4) At the time of submission.
5) Pass the arbitration in accordance with the established by the Scientific Committee.
6) Provide seven copies of each search filter with the biography of the researcher and two photographs of him.
7) The research candidate a winner before.
8) Research to award does not appear to either won or didn’t win.
9) Abide by all conditions set by the Scientific Committee of the prize.


Ninth: supreme body of the award

Chaired by his Royal Highness Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the patron of the award or appoint, and comprises both a.

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh (Chairman of the Shura Council).
His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Issa (Minister of Education).
His Excellency Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz Al Sudais (General President of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques).
His Excellency Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail (Director of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University).
His Excellency Dr. Saad bin Nasser Al-Shathri (Advisor at the Royal Court).
Dr. Asghar Ali Imam Al-Din (Secretary General of the Association of Ahl al-Hadeeth, India).
Dr. Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Maawda (Deputy in the Bahraini Parliament).
Eng. Yousef Abdul Sattar Al Maimani (Businessman).
His Excellency Dr. Saed Al Orabi Al Harthy (Secretary General of the Award).
HE Dr. Misfer bin Abdullah Al-Bishr (Executive Director of the Award).

Functions of the body..

1) adopt plans and policies for the award.
2) adopt regulations concerning the award and modified.
3) adoption topics prize.
4) adopt names award winners 5) the approval of the budget and final account.
6) adoption of the final report.


Tenth: The organization of the award

The secretariats of the award


Eleventh: Superintendent of the award

His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received the award since its inception up to the upper body in 1434-2014 and became HRH Prince Mohammad bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, General supervisor
Supervisor tasks..
1) Confirmation of the date and place of the award ceremony.
2) Adoption of the plan of the award ceremony.
3) Prize winners after the adoption of the supreme body of the prize.
4) Selection Committee members and appointed.
5) Adoption of minutes of the prize committees and recommendations.
6) Adopt administrative and financial procedures for the award.

Twelfth: the secretariat of the award

The prize Secretariat handles all things scientific, financial and management a number of full-time staff to be based in Medina and linked directly to HH Superintendent Award

Thirtieth: The Secretary-General and missions

1) Initialization for holding meetings of the supreme body of the award and setting the agenda and shaping its records and reporting and implementation of plans, policies and decisions that you draw.
2) Announcing the prize subjects after the adoption of the supreme body of the prize.
3) Representation of the award before the others.
4) Nomination of members of committees overseeing their work and meet their needs.
5) Raise the Scientific Committee’s recommendations to the Superintendent prior to submission to higher authority.
6) Oversee building a database about the award
7) Receive correspondence concerning the award and answered the questions.
8) Direct supervision of the Organization of the award ceremony.
9) To supervise the employees in the Secretariat for the award and their needs to the General supervisor of the award.
10) Award budget expenditure in accordance with the regulations approved by the Superintendent of the prize.
11) The preparation of the budget and final accounts to the General supervisor of the award as the top of it
12) Preparation of the final report of the year award

Fourtieth: the scientific committee of the award

Composed of Superintendent Award upon nomination by the Secretary-General four years subject to renewal and a group of scientists and researchers working in Islamic studies and research related to the prize.
Committee assignments a.
1) Propose themes for the award in different categories and descriptions of general frameworks.
2) Selection of arbitrators to award.
3) Put key elements and standards of scientific and technical research.
4) Consideration in research award and the referral in accordance with the terms of the arbitration award.
5) Select the winning research based on the results of the arbitration.
6) Preparation of records of the results of its work and transmit it to the Secretary-General of the award to complete required thereon.
7) Motion in a topic when it doesn’t push the research submitted to the required level.
8) Propose the development award.

Fiftieth: other committees

Up sub-committees and define its tasks as needed, by a decision of the Superintendent award at the suggestion of the Secretary-General.

Sixtieth…The Prizes

The award will be paid a bonus, employees from the account of his Royal Highness Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, “Interior Minister” to God Almighty.