The Honorary Prize for Serving the Prophet’s Sunnah

First: The name of the award….

(Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, estimated to serve the Sunnah and Sciences)


Second: The adjective of the award

A global recognition award is awarded periodically every two years in the area of prophetic service


Third: The objectives of the award

1) Honoring outstanding efforts in the service of the owners the Sunnah.
2) To encourage researchers and encourage them in the service of Sunnah and instruction and technique.
3) Define generations of contemporary and distinctive efforts in the service of Sunnah.


Forth: Areas of the awards

1) Achieve heritage books in the bookstore and study 2) authoring in the Sunnah

3) Disruption of teaching Hadith

4) Adaptation of technical service of Sunnah


Fifth: The terms and conditions of the award

1) To be run by the prestigious scientific organization.

2) Have a look the candidate in the fourteenth century Hijri, beyond.

3) Must meet the candidate nomination conditions specific to each area, contained in the nomination form.

4) That the search by value and impact for the prophetic service.

5) Prize to each of the four areas in the area.

6) May award is divided equally for more than one candidate in a single domain whether an individual or an institution.


Sixth: The arbitration committee

The Arbitration Committee consists of works submitted for the award of scientists specializing in advertiser.


Seventh: The amount of the prize

1) Certificate of entitlement.

2) Shield award logo.

3) Cash $ (200,000) only 200,000 riyals.

Eighth: The expenses

Conduct Prize and expenditures from the special account for his Royal Highness Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in the face of God.