Scientific & Cultural Activities

Scientific lectures….

This year’s prize were two distinct scientific specialists and for reverberations when found interested only these seminars on scientific elites and be more like a Porsche scientific discussion and dialogue Centre, the award took into account the diversity of places and authors and these seminars are:

The first scientific seminar entitled: (modern technology in the service of Sunnah) of …

Held at the Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University and participated in the episode both: 1. Dr. Marzuk Al-Zahrani, a member of the Faculty of modern Islamic University 2-Dr. Jessica faculty member, King Saud University, Riyadh 3-Dr. Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of education at the University of Taiba


The second seminar entitled: (Islamic sites-indeed it is hoped) of …

Held at the University of Medina and participated in both:

1) Dr. Abdullah Al Humaidan, a faculty member at King Saud University

2) Prof. Dr. Abdullah almousa, faculty member at the University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud.

3) Dr. Mustafa Al-Halabi, a faculty member at the University of Nice 4) Dr. Ibrahim muheisin, a faculty member at the University of Nice

Second: symposia and lectures: Secretariat still continues a distinguished lecture and received a wide resonance in the middle of the intellectuals and the General Secretariat has held nine lectures are …

1. Symposium (Muslim’s attitude towards the tribulation), which lectured every virtue Grand Imam Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Sheikh Saleh Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs

2-lecture (how we differ) to Sheikh Salman back

3-lecture (constants and variables in the Islamic approach) to Dr. Issam Al-Bashir, Sudan’s Islamic Affairs Minister.

4. Lecture (Islam in the face of contemporary intellectual deviation) Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem, head of Al-Azhar University

5. lecture (duty of young people towards the unity of the nation) to Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Shaikh, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia

6-lecturer (contemporary Islamic discourse) Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

7. (the responsibility of scientists to the nation) by Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Al Turki-8 (the fatwa he founded and controls) to Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan.

9. (God and history) by Dr. Ayed Al-qarni.


III..  Publications & resources:

In addition to the Secretariat and the Executive management of printing regulations and publications award and the conduct of its work and in its branches, it has been all lectures, seminars and cultural events of the past cultural season of audio and other video and text booklets lecture and Symposium on the amounts as follows:


The number of audio

50,000 of each lecture and seminar

The number of 10,000 brochures each lecture and seminar

The number of videos 5000 each lecture and seminar

Have been distributed to schools and centers for education and summer festivals and different cities recently printed brochure for Prince Nayef to save the Hadith number 100,000 100,000 distributed to subcommittees in all regions of the Kingdom for distribution to schools and students in their whereabouts.